Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Other Pursuits

Long time no blogging, and I do apologize. I have been taking some recovery time from a whirlwind of self taught crash courses in social networking, solo writing, self-publishing, and everything else that seems to go with being an author today.

I will be totally honest with you. I don't like all the hype these days. I was losing my joy of writing. I was like a drowning victim, continuously being tugged under by the current. I realize every "passion" has its own pool of fanaticism, experts, advice and advertising. I also know that there are the nice spas of support. I ended up on the darkened swampy end of the pond, and couldn't get out.

So, I wrapped myself up in a web of depression for awhile. I whined, wailed, mostly whined, gnashed my teeth, tried to force a novel out of my overwhelmed brain.
It has taken me a year (give or take) to realize that I was not being me, and that I had really gone through some challenging personal things last year. They might not have been things that another person would have considered stressful or challenging, but for me, they were downright tormenting; emotionally, intellectually, and spritually. I ran the gamut of stressing out, and I barely had to leave the house.

I can't express to you how stressed out I was. I can only say I am recovering now. I am getting my writing joy back, learning to be loyal to my personal brand of creativity, and doing pretty photo hoarding for mental therapy. 
My "Write Stuff" Treasury on Etsy - spotlights of artisans creating with all things wordy
I may not be back to blogging often for awhile, but I wanted to pop in and let people know where I am hanging out online, when I am here. I am mostly on my places on Pinterest and Etsy, promoting creativity in others, and enjoying the search for inspiration.

I am also focusing on my crochet projects, which are ever changing. I learned 2 new stitches in 2 days and am busy trying to make things in crochet that don't scream "I am a dish cloth!"  I have a ton of Christmas gifts I need to get started on, after all. 

Oh yeah, there's that thing called parenting too...
Please feel free to visit my Etsy treasuries and Pinterest Boards, if you want to get an idea of where I am at. Rest assured that I am writing, but I discovered that I am super uncomfortable giving away "trade secrets" after I bared my soul last year, so if you want to dig deeper into my blog, you might find some. Otherwise, you'll have to get to know me from here on out. Enjoy and maybe we can chat sometime. :D 

This pretty much says it all: Bill Watterson's Wisdom

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Idol Passes, but Remains Immortal


My first and foremost favorite author died today. I am sad. I am a little depressed. I am going to read her first book, and possibly all the rest, again. I've lost track of how many times I've read her books, particularly the Barbara Michaels ones, and the non-Amelia Peabody, Elizabeth Peters ones. I love Amelia, but the other books keep me re-reading.

Barbara Merz, better known as Barbara Michaels and Elizabeth Peters, quickly replaced Mary Stewart for my favorite author. Mary Stewart will always have a place in my heart, but Barbara Merz was the author whose books I collected voraciously. I own almost every one of her books, and have read them all, of course.

She's my idol and will live on forever this way. I will continue to read her books over and over. My wish is that someday my books will sit along side hers (or at least nearby, because my last name is at the end of the alphabet) on a shelf.

May you rest in peace, Barbara Merz. I hope you're partying with the pharaohs.