Monday, September 26, 2011

Hiding Places

There's probably nowhere to really hide any more on the internet, but in an effort to stay in charge of the way *I* want to use the internet, I am leaving the conglomerate that is called facebook. I will stick to my blog and maybe try Diaspora (a facebook like thing that is how facebook *should* be...) but I am seriously going to par down my "social networks."

My fear is that I will lose touch with people. I shouldn't have to feel afraid of this. A thing on the internet should not have that much control to the point where it's become a household word like Kleenex.  Anyway. I am going to kick it mostly old school and go back to email. I am not trying to test people's level of friendship with me by asking them if they want my email address. I don't expect most people from facebook will be emailing me. Oh well.

It's been a tiring week and weekend. Maybe I am just exhausted and having a hard time seeing things through rose colored glasses right now. In any case, I will be leaving facebook and choosing my own hiding places.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Strings and Other Fine Things

Huzzah! My first post about crafts (mostly)! First of all, I will explain a little bit about the new title to my Blog. Sisu Strings is all about doing something despite adversity. It's about loving and using creativity to make things people will enjoy despite criticism, low funding, or any other obstacles. This is what Sisu means in Finnish - doing things with persistence, compassion, passion and determination. And being part Finnish, I hope to honor the Sisu in my family.

The strings part is because both my husband and I craft with string. I do so with yarn, he makes stringed instruments. We hope to have our own crofting booth. I love the word croft, so I will probably use it a lot. It's the old fashioned way of saying cottage, and means home/hand made.

I have piled myself with projects. Too many to list right now, but I have umpteen million Christmas projects and a couple of birthday projects and a few spontaneous demands from my little one. (Well, ok, so far she only demanded one spontaneous project from me.) So, by request I am making a dinosaur from the PBS show I abhor and all for the love of my little one. I hope she likes it. It's also my first animal type project I've done without a pattern...well, technically, maybe not my first, but in any case, it's my first advanced non-pattern animal type project.

I better keep "hookin'" while I still have quiet time. I am doing pretty well with setting goals for myself. Oh yeah and school started...that was interesting. I don't do well with transitions, so last week I was kind of grumpy. I think I might be getting over the stress now. Thank goodness for Labor Day weekend to sort of put a halt on the back to school frenzy and allow for a slower switching of gears.

Hope everyone enjoys the last long weekend off til Christmas! Happy Pre-Autumn!