Monday, September 26, 2011

Hiding Places

There's probably nowhere to really hide any more on the internet, but in an effort to stay in charge of the way *I* want to use the internet, I am leaving the conglomerate that is called facebook. I will stick to my blog and maybe try Diaspora (a facebook like thing that is how facebook *should* be...) but I am seriously going to par down my "social networks."

My fear is that I will lose touch with people. I shouldn't have to feel afraid of this. A thing on the internet should not have that much control to the point where it's become a household word like Kleenex.  Anyway. I am going to kick it mostly old school and go back to email. I am not trying to test people's level of friendship with me by asking them if they want my email address. I don't expect most people from facebook will be emailing me. Oh well.

It's been a tiring week and weekend. Maybe I am just exhausted and having a hard time seeing things through rose colored glasses right now. In any case, I will be leaving facebook and choosing my own hiding places.

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