Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Fairies

When I asked her, my 4 year old said I should write about fairies today. It just so happens that is a relevant topic for me. Well, fairy tales anyway. I am working on an idea. It involves fairy and folk tales. You can watch the progress of my brainstorming here. (Yes, I am much more a Pinterest junkie than I am a Twitter  junkie, and I am not on anyway...)
Back to fairies. The little people. Enchanted beings, Magical monsters....all of which are timeless with universal themes in tales that are able to thrill through the centuries. Something about fairy tales speaks to deeply embedded desires, subconscious dreams and ideas that anything is possible.
Today our fairy tales rally around super heroes more than they do the winged folk and little people. But the traditional fairy tales still resonate strongly through everything supernatural that is out there. Every TV network has something resoundingly fairy tale and/or supernaturally oriented right now. The tales are so adaptable to interpretation. I think that is what makes them so timeless.

Here's hoping that I can continue to entertain with my own take on some traditional fairy tales. They are the root of all my inspiration. Ever since I can remember I have felt connected to folk tales, and I still believe, to this day, that the woods I grew up in is enchanted.

I hope to bring you some of that enchantment in the not too far future. Thank you in advance for your patience and anticipation. I am off to wave my magic wand and put some words down in my tales.

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