Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm on Fire!

Ok well, not really, but I feel like I do sometimes.

I'm kind of high on the word count right now. I managed despite a screeching parakeet (who knows how much it hurts my ears), a 4 year old who is practicing to be a professional banshee with her own screaming, many pets, and numerous other distractions (ahem, Pinterest, Twitter, email...)

I'm rocking 12K in the last three days. Yeah, baby!

I need to publicly thank my family. If it weren't for my husband, Mark, I definitely wouldn't be able to function like a human being. My kids are awesome and not online (at least not that I'm sharing), and even when they drive me crazy, I still get things done. It's difficult and not the most fun of lessons, but it is possible to give yourself *your* time.

So if you're having a hard time with your word count, or breaking through that wall, you *will* get there. I know you will. If something is really getting you down, I have discovered that doing a different creative project does, in fact, let your subconscious work on your writing project.

I would also like to thank Julie Hutchings, J. Elizabeth Hill, Kristen Strassel, Chris Allen-Riley, Kristen Jett, Fiona Chapman, Megan Paasch, Summer Heacock, Jen Naumann, Katie Hayoz and all of my good Twitter friends for backing me up as I broke through this wall. Since I am not really Chuck Norris, I need all the help I can get. Love you guys! Honestly, if I didn't surround myself with the writers on Twitter, I don't think I could have made my most recent launch into creative efforts. It might be a weird network, but it's a good one!

This is my sneaky way of promoting people. Please check out the authors and creative people above. You can follow us all on Twitter to keep tabs on what we're up to.

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