Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Life

I've been MIA and I'm not sorry. I have been putting my life in order and trying to enjoy summer. It's been a summer of many changes and renewals.

One of our hens hatched her first egg and is as stressed as any mama could be with her new baby. We've been spoiling them rotten. I think mama is ready for some grown-up chicken time, but the baby sure isn't.

We've got a volunteer monster mystery squash that we think might be a pumpkin, or maybe it's a melon...spaghetti squash? We've gone from A to Z trying to identify this thing. Right now, it seems pumpkin is winning. The photo doesn't show it in its current jungle glory. The photo is just before it exploded to that level.

Our other garden is also crazy in parts, and we are moving into the harvest zone pretty quickly.

Over all, it's been a quiet summer. Weddings are coming up for the extended family, and soon we will have to get ready for the school season.

Hope everyone is enjoying their seasons, where ever you might be!

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