Monday, February 22, 2016

Here's the Thing....

I know I posted that I would update on my recipe experimental success or failure.

Result: Fail. Well not completely, but the chocolate twix thing was deemed The Oil Spill because of how it looked in the pan. It seriously had the appearance of an environmental disaster or at least some kind of wreckage a pet would cause. However, this tasted pretty darned good, and all of the pieces were consumed. It looked much better when it was cut. Sorry no pictures, I was in a hurry.

Rice crispy treats were pretty much a complete fail. They looked good but tasted awful and the consistency was terrible.

So, that says something about the fact that I can't even make rice crispy treats.

All failures were directly related to the circumstances. I rushed both recipes and I didn't use great substitutions. I ended up with way more marshmallow usage than I originally intended.

Lessons: Lard makes terrible caramel.
Watch the measurements when melting marshmallows and don't add stuff to it.

Sorry for a negative report folks, but my results could have ended up on one of those Pinterest "Nailed It" jokes.

Still chocolate was pretty tasty and I know how I'd adapt that particular recipe in the future. I'll just avoid rice crispy treats from now on... someone else can make those.

In a rush, so please see previous post for recipe links. Sorry to hammer this out and throw it at people. That's just how I blog today.

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