Friday, October 14, 2011

Reflecting on Focus

I sit here while my two year old lays on the floor at my feet continuously "raspberrying" her tired frustration. I had to wake her up so we could get her older sister to school for Orchestra.

I am busily trying to focus on something other than getting frustrated with constant interruptions. How many things does a person have the capabilities to do at one time? Me? I am not a multi-tasking type person.

Now I sit here with the two year old on my lap. She's talking constantly about something involving a tiny screw that probably fell out of my computer or something. She's tired, crabby, and very clingy. I should get her outside, but I want to get some business stuff done.

I can't seem to get her to stay distracted for more than 3 seconds, but she's a professional at distracting me.

Would I trade this in for anything else in the world? Never.