Monday, October 31, 2011

Melancholy Monday

Happy Halloween for those who do that sort of thing. Happy Monday because I am striving to be positive today. I feel like a squirrel tried to make a nest in my nose last night and then do a scratchy little jig on my chest while adding a few bonus acorns to my ears.

Over all my allergy medication seems to work pretty well...and then there are days like today, usually after I have had to take extra antihistamine for whatever reason. But enough about that.

I have been working my crochet hook and plan on doing that some more today until my squirrelly fever goes away or my squirrelly girl toddler gets too antsy. I thought about going back to bed, but then the squirrels will just come back. Wish they had just stuck to my daughter's hair instead of doing their winter prep projects in my sinuses. ;)

I suppose I should go out and take care of the chickens too...but right now, I am thinking an extra dose of coffee...

Hope everyone has a nice Monday.