Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Copyrights of Patterns

This has been really one of those things lately that has given me fits. I posted the information in one of my groups and I am sure it is going to cause a complete meltdown. Seems a lot of pattern designers just can't quite grasp the copyright info. So I am going to post the information here because no one will see it, but it will give me a peace of mind. Eventually someone might even see it. Take a look at this link and hopefully it will be helpful to you. Here's a summary of the statement.

"Copyright in a work that portrays a useful article extends only to the artistic expression of the author of the pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work. It does not extend to the design of the article that is portrayed. For example, a drawing or photograph of an automobile or a dress design may be copyrighted, but that does not give the artist or photographer the exclusive right to make automobiles or dresses of the same design. "

So if you don't want anyone to sell what they make from your patterns, you have to *patent* the actual made item. You can't copyright a creation someone else made from your pattern, but you can copyright the pattern. No one has the right to sell the text of your pattern as their own without permission. Anyone has the right to sell what they make from your pattern. It's respectful to give credit to the designer.

'Nuf said.