Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Evolution of my Blog

The blog you are looking at now sprouted a new blog that took over this blog's original name. This blog has become Sisu Things, and will be where I get on my soap box, or wax rhapsodic, or maybe borrow a few cyber shoulders to cry on. It will generally focus on my writing and struggles with that, but will have touches of insight and philosophy thrown in.

My new blog, which will eventually have its very own little tab at the top there, is my "Shop". I plan to showcase my crocheted creations and launch a campaign to get a few more pennies into my piggy bank. My new blog is now called Sisu Strings to tie (ahem) it all into my fiber craft hobby. Here's a sneak preview. Sisu Strings Sneak Peek

Note that the new blog is not up and running fully at this time. Thank you and I hope you will help me spread the word when I give the shout...or in this case, it will most likely be the tweet.