Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Musings on Blogging and Other Miscellaneous Things

So, I had to add this little blurb now that my "shop blog" is up and running. With that done, supposedly I am going to have time to write. That compulsion of mine wants free reign. My muse is getting restless and so are my characters.

I love crocheting because it lets my brain wander while my fingers are occupied, and I am actually getting good enough with the craft that I can let my brain go off into other realms. It's the perfect complimentary hobby to writing. And if crochet can help me pay for a few more pencils, all the better.

I am already astounded by the number of views my shop got in the past few hours after going live. If I am lucky, a fraction of those are actual people and not search engines. If I am really lucky, I will get some orders.

Ah well. We will see what happens. It's out there, and I am the one in control. My muse, however, has other things to say about who's in control, so I better get going on my writing too. I have lots of work to do... *deer in headlights look* Oh boy...Lord,  please help me not get overwhelmed.