Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Recreation

July has hit and it's time to relax for the summer. I have let my subconscious take over my solo project, and am casually working on Camp NaNoWriMo with my 12yo daughter. She is amazing me with her talent so far. It's kind of scary actually, but I am so proud of her, and having a lot of fun.

Mostly, though, I am trying to take a load off. I am not actually on a tropical island, but that hammock sure looks inviting. I am playing some computer games, sweating in the sticky heat, occasionally rescuing my chickens from various traps they get themselves into - This morning was my rooster trapped on top of the tarp that covers their run. - and making sure my cucumbers don't take over my tiny garden. I definitely didn't plan enough space for the cucumbers!

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far, or if you're on the other side of the world, or hemisphere, a great season...I can't dig up my geography lessons right now. But I am sending everyone warm wishes from my own private summer "retreat."


  1. Hey - I noticed your celebrate the small things link was to one specific post so I have deleted it. If you still fancy joining in, sign up again and if you don't that cool, I'll visit to see what else you are up to ;))

    1. Thanks! I'll update it when I am able to join again!