Sunday, July 24, 2011


Writing, Crochet and Reading are my three favorite hobbies (pretty much in that order,  though they are equal in importance, with Writing taking a definite lead.) So, I want to make all these neat little projects for my crochet shop that I want to start soon. I have all these ideas, but for crochet you need patterns. I am not quite good enough to do my own patterns yet. I have to at least have something to start with. My dilemma is this, if I am using someone's free pattern that they posted, is it ok if I eventually sell the stuff that I make using the pattern?

There are people who are very specific in posting that they do *not* want their stuff sold online or otherwise. For those it's obvious that you are limited to making the craft for gift and personal use only. But what about the people who do not specify and what if I make small adaptations to the pattern as I go along? I plan on doing my own patterns eventually, but as I said, I need a base to start with, and I don't want to step on anyone's toes. Most people won't read this yet, as I am not exactly public with my blog, but if anyone has any thoughts, and happen to find my blog on your reading list, I am open to suggestions.

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