Thursday, July 28, 2011


I just had the physical sensation of my muse wanting to jump out of where ever it lives inside me (pretty sure it lives in the chest area like around my heart). It wanted to do this because it seriously wanted a certain album by a certain band that both my muse and I love. I suppose I love it because my muse does.

Here's a little background on my muse. I call it an it because it really is androgynous. I suppose I could call it S/he. But Muse (since it has never told me a name) varies from day to day and usually is more animal than human. My muse's food is music. It wants music more than anything else, more than even reading. In fact when I am writing, it doesn't want me to read anything at all. So, I crochet as a side thing to let my mind wander in the worlds that my muse and I create.

To make a long story short, Muse has some bands that are its favourites and one of the bands has a new CD since March. We just heard a song on Pandora from the album. I thought my chest was going to split open like in "Alien" and Muse was going to crawl out and dive into my computer just to get the song. It was a very strange sensation. Or maybe I just need to drink less coffee.

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