Friday, January 11, 2013

Gobs of Giveaways

There are so many good giveaways out there right now! I hope that you will find some during your blog hopping.

I'm participating in another one. I'm also moving all of my giveaway participation to my review site at Sunday Book Brunch. So, that's where you will see any goodies from now on, along with occasional reviews that I feel I need to post.

I'm still looking for reviewers to join me at Sunday Book Brunch. If you want to serve up an occasional Sunday Brunch book review, I'd love to have you. I'm unable do it all alone, as I want to focus on my writing, research and reading.

Email me at risurocket @ yahoo . com or leave a comment below if you are interested in becoming a co-reviewer. Only requirements are that the reviews be posted on a Sunday, I am notified by email that you will be posting so we don't have a ton of post crashes, and your review is objective and without spoilers. Please let me know, so I can set you up!

For a chance at some goodies, hop on over to Sunday Book Brunch for the Authors' Kindle Fire HD Giveaway hosted by I Am a Reader Not a Writer.

1 comment:

  1. You could be onto something there. After all the chaos towards the end of the last year perhaps we should be charging our batteries in the month of January. I actually drew up a timetable yesterday to help me juggle everything. It's given me some motivation. Whether you choose to hibernate or kick your muse into action, the decision will be the right one for you, now. Good luck :-)