Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Sloggery

I have been paranoid lately that I haven't been providing anything interesting for my followers on Twitter. I haven't been. I know I am supposed to have more "platforms", but I am going to stick to Twitter and Pinterest, in order to save my sanity and my principles. That said, I still am paranoid that my followers on Twitter will find me boring.

I'm capable of being rather interesting, but I am not very public about it. I thought I better share a little bit, at least. It's expected, and I have been doing stuff. The problem is that I have a very protective attitude toward my creative works.

Here are a couple of hints to whet any curious appetites. Along with being on 24/7 mother duty to my 3 yo and 11 yo, and trying to be a decent wife, I've been attempting to put together character profiles, and some kind of plot outline. It's been a slow process, because January is the month of total holiday recovery, and transitional stress into the new year. I won't even get into the cold weather and the 3yo climbing the walls because she can't get outside.

Mostly I have been doing research into ancient Greece, Rome, and the surrounding realms in order to get my story together. It's not a story that takes place in ancient times, but those by gone eras will be entering into the scheme of things.

To get to know me, you'll discover I am a big fan of mystery, romantic suspense, and adventure, so you can bet there will be all of those elements in my books. My top three inspirational authors are Barbara Michaels (aka Elizabeth Peters), Mary Stewart, and Susanna Kearsley, so that should give you some ideas of my influences. I love those authors dearly and can read their books infinitely.

I hope that gives you a little nibble into my process. I am too protective to give out more yet. As things become more solidly set into place, I'll let a few more secrets slip. Of course, if you want some visuals you can always follow my Pinterest boards. I give a lot more away there as far as inspirational visuals go. :D
So, if you're looking for something to do this Saturday before the Pro Bowl (doesn't everyone watch football? The Pro Bowl should be flag football...but anyway), and you want a glimpse into my writer's burrow, head on over to Pinterest and browse my boards. I've got some hot cast members for my characters. Here's an example:

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