Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Blahs?

Is it just this time of year that is making my creativity fall into the Pit of Despair and the Bog of Eternal Stench?

I sure hope so, because it is getting really frustrating feeling so *stuck* creatively. I know that I have resources out there to "help" get me out of the rut. Frankly, having too many resources out there is part of what put me into this spot in the first place.

I've frozen up. Not just because of the weather, and I don't really know exactly why. I know I will thaw out eventually, but I sure am impatient. I am thinking that the impatience is exactly the thing that will eventually get me out of the rut. Impatience vs. resources.

I tend to get very resistant to offerings of advice, resources, exercises, suggestions, etc..  I am very much like my hedgehog, really. I get prickly and hiss, and crawl into my burrow to hide until I feel like coming out.
Hotchiwitchi - my 10 week old hedgehog.

So, I guess I have to do that. I will try to ignore the fact that my burrow is kind of flawed in that I am still able to be completely interrupted at any moment in time. I have to get into a kind of focused mindset that allows me to still be a mom and wife, as well as a writer. I am not good at least it is terribly exhausting attempting to be good at it.

Wish me luck. I hope my readers are having easier times adjusting to 2013's entrance. I have to wonder why we are driven to "doing things" in January when it is so obvious that in the dead of winter, we really should just be resting. Maybe I just need to let my muse continue resting. In the back of my mind I hear a tiny shout of "no", however, so I am still trying to figure out how to unlock my creativity.

How are you unlocking your creativity? Has it even been locked up? Do you feel like hibernating? I love conversations. Please leave me a comment.

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