Sunday, February 10, 2013

Do Not Disturb

I wish I could say Do Not Disturb and have it actually work within my household. Being a parent, you have to make a choice. You either open up your heart and soul and become seriously skillful at multitasking (a skill I have not mastered), or you do a balancing act, sneaking away for any moment of alone time you can find.

I chose the former. I didn't close my door ever, and now it is a bit late to start until I can train my 3 yo to understand why I am closing the door. Most of the time, my choice does have its rewards. My 3yo is delightful even when she's driving me crazy, usually. My husband and 11yo are extremely understanding, usually.

My point of rambling about this is that I am going to be writing. I mean really concentrating on writing. Seriously, unforgivably concentrating on writing. I have my family that I need to balance with that, and that is enough. So, my blog will be in hibernation mode for awhile.

I've come to terms with my blog going quiet for an indeterminate amount of time. I have plans to go to London to do some research. I really hope those plans work out, and I will try to send a few notes from abroad when I go. I have a book teaser trailer in the works that I plan to toss out for my future readers, and that will come out when it is ready. I have so many plans.


There will be wonderful treasures to discover soon!
While you wait, feel free to explore the archives of my blog for nuggets of pure writing gold, or at least pure writing fool's gold. 


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