Friday, February 15, 2013

Fantastic Fiction - Fave Site Spotlight

I will be showing off a few of the links from my Favorite's List, which is different from my Clickable's list. My faves tend to get lost over in the side bar over there --->. So, I thought I would do some low maintenance promos of those links while I focus more on my book.

I hit walls while doing the research on my book, and planning outlines, so I keep nimble with blogging. In the meantime, I hope that my subconscious will work out the snarl, and I can get back to writing my book. Until then, please enjoy some spotlights of my favorite links.

Today's Fave Site Spotlight is Fantastic Fiction. It is maintained by a small family run company in Lancashire, U.K.

I *Love* this site. It is the clearest reference guide to so many of my favorite authors' books, past and present. If the list is not complete for an author, you can get a jumping off point for where to look for the rest of the books. The site is a remarkable reference for earlier books, which are sometimes super difficult to track down. Most books are linked to Amazon and other electronic sites, if the books are still available. Out of print books are listed as such.

Scotland Yard Helmet - it goes along with Jillian Stone's books, trust me.

Here is an example of  author Jillian Stone's section on Fantastic Fiction. Here's Jillian Stone's awesome personal website.

Fantastic Fiction may not have a fancy set up, but it's my go to place for discovering most, if not all, of an author's past and current works. I highly recommend putting this site in your browser toolbar. You can read more about Fantastic Fiction here.


  1. I love this shot of the original Greater Scotland Yard! Thanks for the mention, Shanah!

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for the RT! It's too bad we can't go see the old Scotland Yard other than the site.