Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Free Library Project and a Giveaway From Me!

One of the coolest things I keep meaning to mention is the Little Free Library project. You purchase the kit, or plans, or build your own little book house and set it up in your front yard where people can see it. Fill it with books you want to share, and people exchange a book, or get a book, if they don't happen to have one with them.
I'll have one in my yard someday, especially since I just reminded myself of the neato project. There are dozens of photos and suggestions on the Little Free Library website. It is also a charity project promoting literacy and giving books to kids in need in underdeveloped countries.

Do you have a Little Free Library in your yard or neighborhood? What kind of eclectic tastes do your neighbors have, if so? I would love to hear about your experiences with free book exchanges.  

Leave me a comment with your favorite genre. In the spirit of free books, I'll send one lucky commenter a book that I select from my personal library. Please include your email in your comment so I can inform the winner. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing about your favorite genres!

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