Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Reading List

I'm a tried and true hardcore bibliophile. I have more books than I can read - possibly more than I can read within my lifetime, and I know many of you are the same way. I generally "zen" my way toward books, and I have my definite favorites.

For 2014 I hope to read many of my newfound friends' books from the indie publishing realm as well as read and reread favorites.

I thought I'd recommend a few books for 2014. They are listed in no particular order. All of them are equally intriguing. All of them are available for e-readers, and most offer a print copy as well. Some even have audiobooks available. I'll let you click the links and make discoveries on your own rather than cram in all of the synopses.

The Nines (Due out mid January)
Because the Night by Kristen Strassel (Night Songs Series Book 1)
I hear there's a new book coming out in March.
I also bought Seasons in the Sun.
Radiance by Jason Cantrell

Mind Static by Jen Naumann
Check out Jen's Paranormal Adventures Blog 
from the button on the right. 
I had the fortune of meeting Jen in person last year. 
She's a writer who knows the meaning of the word fun and knows how to drive a tractor. ;) 

I've got all her books on my TBR list, especially the coming soon Mind Reader Mysteries, the first of which is Peril for Your Thoughts
due out in March. 
(I've read and own all the Fortune Teller Mysteries and they are on my favorites list.)

I've recently stocked my shelves with all of the above authors and I can't wait to get those boxes! SOON!  And my Kindle app is burning a hole in my iPad.

I am excited to read the works of people I know personally, or at least virtually. I've met all of the above authors on Twitter. If we meet someday in person, I will be one happy reader/author.

Please help support indie and all authors! Stock your e-shelves and bookshelves! Too cold and looking forward to that summer vacation? Stock yourselves up early, and discover some new authors in the process.

More books I want to stack on my To Be Read Tower:

The Drew Farthering Mysteries by Juliana Deering (aka Deanna Julie Dodson)
Rules of Murder
Death by the Book
Murder at the Mikado

Mistress of the Art of Death Series by Ariana Franklin
Mistress of the Art of Death
The Serpent's Tale
Grave Goods
A Murderous Procession

That will hold me for awhile.

Happy Page Hunting and Happy Reading!

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