Sunday, January 26, 2014

Under the Thrall

OK guys, I haven't been reading my share of paranormal books lately. I haven't been reading at all much lately. And I don't usually like doing book blog posts, because I like to hold anything I read very close to me and pretend I am the only reader on earth. (Confessions of a book nerd.)

Then a few books stampeded into my life, grabbed me by the throat and enthralled me. I usually let books come into my life and if I really like an author I will go hunt down the rest. Otherwise, books come to me. I don't usually go out to look for new ones, I just know what when I get there. It's kind of like going to a humane society to adopt a pet, you just know what you will connect.

Anyway, I wrote a reading list for 2014 way back here...and those are the books that have stampeded into my life. I am trying to kind of read them in order. Kind of...but again, sometimes I just have to read what takes me in at the moment. The books are adopting me, you see...

Hell, adoption? The last book I read left me in a book hangover like I haven't had since last year when I read Bound by J. Elizabeth Hill. The rest of *her* books are on my list too. The Mirrors of Bershan trilogy is complete.

These debut authors are both intimidating to me as well as incredibly inspiring. I am not kidding. I could totally curl up in a corner and wonder if I will ever write as well as these writers. I write my own way, but I really want to be able to leave my readers with the kind of book hangover I got from reading their stuff.

I am totally under their thrall. Read their books to understand. Now, I also understand that I can't expect everyone to like what I like, but I highly recommend these authors.

Here's my review of Running Home by Julie Hutchings. I'm going to go curl up and wallow in my book hangover now.

5 Gold Stars!

Way to Get Me Back Into Vampires
A beauty and the beast/rite of passage tale unlike anything you have ever experienced. This book lit a fire in me. Intricately and passionately character driven, the story will wedge its people into your soul. At once inspiring and tragic, you will be left feeling a physical need for more, and you'll be wondering just what Fate might have in store for you.


  1. What an incredible compliment, and what amazing company. Thank you for this, for feeling what I did as deeply as I feel it.


    1. You have a way of connecting the reader to the characters that I am trying not to envy and instead just admire. <3 Thank you for lighting the fire.

  2. Wow, thank you! It's amazing to know you've touched a reader like this, truly.

    I understand that feeling of wondering if you'll ever write that well. I get it every time I read my favorite authors. You're doing the best thing you can to get there though, at least in my opinion. You're writing your way. And I do believe you'll touch readers with your work. I have faith in you. Have some in yourself. :)


    1. Thank you! I try to follow my heart when it comes to writing. When new authors who are friends like you and Julie, floor me with their talent I get both invigorated and intimidated. I guess that's natural. I am so happy you both have your books out there and I will do my best to share them!