Friday, January 24, 2014

Be Gentle with Yourself

January always seems like the Month of Limbo before the Big Change. It's the process after finishing a full year of uncompleted tasks, unmet goals, and disappointing outcomes. Or maybe it's the process of getting through the let down after an amazing year of successes, dreams come true, and answered prayers.

The holiday season comes to a close with many families drawing together to be grateful for each other and share in each other's love and presence, and sometimes exchange presents. The end of the year *should* be about celebrating the successes, the dreams come true, and the answered prayers.

Instead, a lot of us get uncomfortable get togethers, stressful holiday parties, extra work loads, disappointments and even tragedy. So, January opens with the detritus of our previous year spilling into the new year. We struggle to "clean up",  make new year's resolutions, force changes, or accept the changes that were we were "forced" into.

Every new year moves us forward. Every new year is a time of change regardless of what happened the year before. January always seems to be the hardest part - the initiation into what the new time has in store for us. Or maybe it's the initiation into being the same we were the year before, into a year of more learning. None of us change at the same pace.

Through all of this, we are molded, we are taught things that only our subconscious, sometimes only our souls, can understand and we might take another whole year to understand what we are being taught.

My wish for all of us initiates is this; Be gentle to yourself. You are a wonder of creation and you should treat yourself that way. We are all on a journey to learn about ourselves and each other. And in case you think I am just spouting platitudes, I'm not. I am speaking a flowery language to describe what I am personally going through, what most of my friends are going through right now, and what I expect a lot of my unseen readers are going through. Take heart!

Be gentle, and may your initiation bring you to the place you need to be in your life!

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