Friday, March 29, 2013

Being an Author is Hard Work!

I blog generally on Fridays. For some reason this is the time that crops up when I have a few minutes (hopefully more) to babble about all things that deserve bloggy goodness.

This is what I realized today. Being an author is hard work. I mean, I knew this, but I decided something as I realized this concretely. Let me go back a moment here and have you follow my train of thought. (It's more like a maze, so make sure you have your bread crumbs or string.) (Yes, my brain does look like an acorn. ;) )

My description that I have been plastering all over the place is this: Daughter, Sister, Mother, Partner, Dreamer, Reader, Crocheter, Writer... Author is a title I will earn when I am published. 

It's on my Twitter, Blogger, Google, Pinterest, and whatever other social thing I happen to be on.  As I was writing my Celebrate the Small Things post, I said that I was grateful for my creative mind. That got me to know what? Authoring is hard work. I am not just a writer. I am an Author. Not that there is anything wrong with being a writer. I am a writer as well, but Author implies a little bit more.... My profile will soon be updated, not because I am published, but because I am an Author.
Author implies creator (not in the religious sense) in the imaginative sense. As an author, I am creating characters, situations, and even worlds for my readers to escape into and enjoy.  I love it, and it's what I am meant to do. My dream is that those worlds and characters will become as dear to you as they are to me. It's damn hard work being in my head most of the time.

I have given myself the big DUH slap to the forehead.
I have been discrediting myself for all this time and it's time I embrace my role as an AUTHOR. Woo Hoo! *doing the author dance*


  1. I think defining oneself as writer vs. author is a choice everyone has to make differently. Congratulations on coming to these important conclusions! :)

    Also, I saw on Nancy LaRonda Johnson's blog that you may be interested in joining in on Save-a-Word Saturday sometime. Consider this a warm welcome--we would love to have you. :)

  2. Also, nice blog background! We match! So I must also compliment you on your excellent taste. ;)

    ~Susan @ The Feather and the Rose

    1. Thank you! I am pleased to meet you and looking forward to getting to know you and your blog partner and your books! It's sometimes difficult to "market" when the "product" is still in production. You guys seem to be doing a fanatastic job! And I envy you your Latin and European studies. ;) I might have to come for you with research questions sometime.