Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This is Me

Since it seems to be the right time to reveal a few secrets, I decided to do a post that reveals the real me. Ok, not *all* of the real me, but I am sure some of you are wondering who is behind that pretty girl writing by the tree. I bet a number of you are wondering what the heck does risurocket mean!?

The Real Risurocket
I only wish I looked like the girl by the tree. There was a time that I kind of did. It does represent the inner me. I look like this ->, if I had long hair and was 10 years younger. My hair is short now, but I am attempting to reach that length again. Sorry, I don't have a more recent pic. Anything I would take on my phone would suck, so not going to oblige, right now.

My real name is Shanah, pronounced SHAY-nah, and I have lived a long time correcting people on *that*, let me tell you. Otherwise, all my interesting secrets are too many to post here, so you can go on over to the link in the picture caption and check out my bio in goodreads. My favorite books tell a lot about me too.

So, that's that. Now, the quick story about risurocket. My username online was squirl in college. I have had a thing for squirrels forever, but especially since they became my friends in Hyde Park, London. Anyway, it came to pass that I needed to change my username. I was studying Japanese folklore at the time, and decided to go for "squirrel" in Japanese which is risu, according to my Websters Japanese/English Dictionary. I added rocket because hubby had just purchased the video game Chu Chu Rocket (mouse rocket in Japanese). I thought the combination was cute. I am called either risu or rocket by those who know me online for a long time. The rest is history.

Have you ever had a weird username? What's the story behind your username? We love comments here! You can even ask me more about me, if you want.
Time to launch my writing into orbit! TTFN, squirrely fans!

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  1. Love the name. I use railers, which is short for railsplitters as I am from the Land of Lincoln.