Friday, April 26, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things - Paper Scrolls

The thing I am grateful for today is really pretty small. I am grateful for paper scrolls. While at the writers' conference, author Tanya Chernov ran a session on how to plot your plot. One of the tools she used was paper rolls to make continuous timelines for her plots. I thought it was brilliant. I think my husband had suggested it to me once, but I needed to see it in person, I guess. Now, I am implementing it into my writer's toolkit along with a heaping ton of awesome markers, pens, highlighters and a good load of mechanical pencils.

I am pretty excited about this...even if I seem understated about it. You can find paper rolls at any craft store, but they are kind of expensive. I suggest maybe scrounging around print shops to see if they have scrap rolls, online, or restaurant or party supply stores. You need them kind of big so you can cut them down to the size you need or leave them big. Examples below.
bring out your inner child and get artsy

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  1. Oooh intriguing, that does seem an interesting idea!