Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Changes, They are a Comin'

Hi gang...
I am going to be MIA for awhile. I've got a lot to chew on, and I want to do some changes to my blog appearance, as well as some of this and some of that in a bunch of other things. Maybe I am more like a squirrel than I think.
I've got about 18 days before I head out on a whirlwind trip to London (very short, very fast, but very sweet trip) and so, for at least those 18 days, I am going to be doing some other things. Writing for one thing.
 I've also got an online critique board to build. More on that later.

So, my online social circles are going to be gathering dust for awhile, but I want everyone to know that I will not forget you, and I will be back.

I will also try to keep up with Thursday's Children and Celebrate the Small Things, two blog hops, I find invaluable to online connections and friendships. Hoping to join one more for Saturdays too, having to do with old words that should be preserved.

Enjoy this wet spring weather if you're having it.
(I am starting to feel like an amphibian.)
And if you're having dry, warm weather, or cool, crisp weather, I hope you're enjoying yourselves too!

I'll be back soon!

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