Friday, April 19, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

This weekend I'm traveling again. I'm feeling grumpy, bumpy and lumpy. I don't really want to go anywhere, but I was enlivened by new friends last weekend, and this weekend I need to be with my old peeps.
I'm grateful for my old peeps. They are my extended family of friends who I've bonded with so much that we are family. No argument about friends are my family. They are the true friends who stick with me even when I am grumpy, bumpy and lumpy. (Those are 2 new dwarf names I think should be added to the canon of Snow White, don't you? Lumpy and Bumpy.) 

It's an incredible experience.

I hope everyone out there has friends who make you feel loved. I hope you feel you are that kind of friend who will love your peeps despite their lumps, bumps and grumps.

If my readers can read my blog through my brain fog induced ramblings, and still love me, I extend my warm fuzzies and swelling heartfelt thanks out to all of you!


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  1. I had to travel to Cairo last week and I'm definitely still feeling "grumpy, bumpy and lumpy" and an extra "dumpy" for good measure. Are your peeps extras on a Star Trek episode or is it just me?
    I hope you feel better...(I hope we both do). :-)

    1. I got to add the dumpy today. Just having got back from another weekend away. But this time I don't feel exhausted for the same reasons. Your "old" peeps don't sap energy like meeting new peeps does. You just get to exchange energy with people you've known for forever. I love it. :) Hope you're feeling better!