Sunday, April 7, 2013

Now I Believe in Ghosts

Well, I do believe in ghosts, but not actually because of what I am about to blog. This experience, however, certainly made me think of the spiritual realm a little bit. After I stopped laughing, anyway.... Here is my account of what happened to me as I emailed it to a friend, just moments after the event.

The Email:
Val Chmerkovskiy
The scariest and most funny thing just happened to me. I went to bed at 1:30 AM which is early for me. (NO, that's not the scary funny thing)...

The scary funny thing is this: I got woken up just now, at 4ishAM...not by my 3yo, but by my cat, Shag. I am blissfully asleep, dreaming of Val (who is my new 3rd place, possibly 2nd place, fave in my list of hotties on DWTS) and all of a sudden I hear Shag growling and hissing.

I sit up in a bolt, because Shag doesn't growl or hiss unless it's *serious* business. And I am all like, what the hell!?

not my cat
I grab my phone and flash it on to shed some light (because the lamp is on the other side of the bed) and I shine some dim light on white feet but nothing else, and am still hearing the growling and hissing at the end of my bed.

So, I am like what the hell is *in* here?! A snake? Another mouse? A dog?! (We don't own a dog. I am deathly allergic.)

I was seriously starting to suspect dog, because in the dim light of my phone, which was threatening to go back to sleep, I could see another shape hunkered across from Shag. I get the phone back to light up mode, and I nearly pee my pants thinking I am seeing a ghost. OMG I can't tell you what it felt like. the end of my bed, facing down my tiny little Shag, was what looked for all the world like her *late* brother Fooston, only much bigger. I figure ghosts probably don't have a size limit.

Fooston (RIP)
 After I coughed my tongue back up, I managed to figure out that it was this ghost doing the growling, and Shag was hissing. With another flash of my phone, I also discovered that the ghost cat was not Fooston, but my neighbor's cat, Huck.

So now I am all like WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? There shouldn't be any way in hell that Huck is in our house, unless my daughter or someone let him in, or...and this is what really happened...

He had gotten outside of his own house, found our front door and our cat door open, and decided to come out of the rain.

visiting cat
He's now having a spa night on our porch. I had to shuffle Shag into the bathroom, and fortunately Huck (who is HUGE, btw) could fit through our cat door, and went out to the porch. I shut the cat door, gave him some food and water, and now I have to deal with the fact that my 3yo is actually awake and wants me to lay by her.

Epilogue: 6AM the visiting cat woke me up again, after I had just about fallen asleep. Barefoot and bleary-eyed, I led him back to his own house and his own porch, and I went back to bed.

Have you ever had a visitor in the wee hours that made you swallow your tongue? Please share your story in the comments. I always try to reply back.

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