Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Post Due

Pretzel, my KG squirrel
At last my post about London.

It was both a success and a failure of a trip. Successful in that I was able to visit one of my favorite cities in the world, feed my squirrel in Kensington Gardens (because of course he is *my* squirrel), and find a couple of really awesome bookstores.

It was a failure in the fact that the weather was very cold and rainy (big surprise, not!), the "main" reason we were there got canceled the 2nd day, and I didn't actually get to all of the places I wanted to research.

However, I still really enjoyed the trip. I would go back in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, it wasn't a very interesting trip to blog about. We were there for a very short time, and the most touristy things we did was go to the Tower of London and cross the Tower Bridge. Otherwise, we literally rode the Tube and wandered around London. That was my fault.
I really took this photo.

I wanted to wander around London aimlessly in a few choice areas that are involved with my book. I missed going to 3 key areas, and I am trying very hard not to book the next flight so that I can go back and hit those areas. It's a good thing I have been to London before...so I kind of know how to find what I need online, but I still would have liked to have gotten to those areas. Oh well. I guess there will just have to be a next time. Maybe for book 2. I did gather some interesting "moments" and I met a few characters that will be inspiring characters for my book. So, overall, it really wasn't a bad trip.

Because we were wandering aimlessly, I did not get interesting photos...well, they are interesting to me, and they are for the purpose of flavor, simply for my book. I got things like buildings and residential area gates and views of streets with their shops. Not much strictly picturesque aside from the fact that almost *all* of London is picturesque. So, I hope you all will be entertained by Yoda who visited Covent Garden on a very cold rainy day. See if you can figure out his trick. ;)

And I ate shawarma! 

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