Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another Lesson

Or There Can Be Only One

I just want to curl up in a ball and read. I need to finish NaNoWriMo for my sanity's sake, but after that, I will be fighting with my muse for some time to devour books. I have met and discovered so many new authors via Twitter, and now I really just want to read.

It never occurred to me that writing, reading and "branding" oneself would all fight with each other, even though they are meant to all be complimentary to each other. I will continue to fight the good fight to find a balance between the three things I like doing best (writing, reading and crocheting) and conquer the "marketing monster" which by necessity, must link the three together. After all, I still do want to be a published author and make a career out of this adventure and I do want to share my crocheted creations with people.

My most valuable lesson I have learned this month is that no matter how much advice comes pouring in, or how many opinions there are for doing something "the right way" - there is really only one right way - my way. There's only one right way for you too, my faithful readers. Your way. Soak up the advice, but learn how to manipulate it to your own diabolical schemes.

Together, we can take over the world! Muhahahaha....*cough* Now back to your pens, your pencils and laptops! Or your libraries and bookshelves!

Conversations welcome in the comments below. I hope you'll stop by!

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