Thursday, November 15, 2012

Discovering New Authors - My Favorite Quest

Or Confessions of a Book Addict

With the help of Better World Books, Half Price Books, the local library and occasionally Barnes & Noble, my bookshelves are overflowing with books I need to read. If I am ever lost on a desert island, I better have my books. If I like an author, I will feverishly hunt down every book they have ever written.

Being new to the Twitterverse has introduced me into another overwhelming list of authors who I hope will populate my bookshelf, becoming new favorites along side my trusty old ones. Oh yes, and goodreads is another new source. My head might explode.

I still have mixed feelings about the ebook market. However, as I mentioned, I will be purchasing my first e-book soon. I am coming to see digital format as another bookshelf that will be filled with favorites. As an upcoming Author (oh yes, I *will* be an Author), I am seeing ebooks as "the way of the future" and I can not discount their importance. However, if all bookstores and libraries become digital cafes, I will dearly miss the smell of new and used books. My elder daughter and I inhale deeply before we set off to plunder the shelves.

This got me to thinking about authors whose books I would miss on my physical vs digital bookshelf, and recently (in the last year or so) discovered authors who have a presence on my shelf. My Better World Book Binges are by far my most reliable supplier of my habit, at the moment.

Here are some of the authors I have discovered that made an impression on me and my bookshelf.

Erle Stanley Gardner  - introduced me into the world of Perry Mason, and I fell instantly in love.

Rachel Lee - introduced me into the world of  Conard County, assuring me that reading series romance is not a bad thing.

Shana Galen - currently entertaining me with her regency adventure romance. I love the title, When Dashing Met Danger (Update: finally got some time to read a few more pages and I am totally in love with the hero, already.)

Elizabeth Bailey - made me a fan of the Lady Fan series. (Ugh, that wasn't even punny, but it is true.)

Sarah Addison Allen - introduced me to the delightful world of the paranormal surreal. Her books are like nothing I have ever read.

Patrick Carman - followed me on Twitter and I nearly fainted when I had a book of his on my shelf that I need to read. (The Dark Hills Divide)

Are you a book collector like me? Would you miss having shelves full of well loved paperbacks, or glossy hardovers? Would you miss the smell of a bookstore if they all become "ebook cafes"? Or is digital just the way to go?


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    1. Thank you so much for stopping and glad you like it! :D *does a tickled pink dance*

  2. Always happy to supply inspiration for an author-to-be. It looks like you like writing about books, so if you ever feel like sharing your thoughts on them, feel free to write some book reviews on our site!

    1. Thank you! :) My blog is still in the birthing stage, or at least the development stage. I will do my best to visit with reviews. And thank you for supplying my habit, er, inspiration! :D