Thursday, November 8, 2012

Writing Rituals

I thought I would do a blog post to warm up my keyboard this morning. I have read several accounts over the years about writers and their rituals; the little things they do, collect, or arrange in order to prepare for writing something great.

I have tried several rituals over the years. I have to say that I don't really have any exciting, or bizarre rituals. I collect pens and pencils, which seems logical, and notebooks. I go out and buy new pens (or pencils, as I am finding them more satisfying) and notebooks every time I want to start something new. I have tried to use notebooks and/or pens from my stockpile in the past, but they never seem to do the trick. It always has to be a brand new notebook, and pen or pencil.

I have always craved a more bizarre ritual, something odd I could call my own while I write. Something that would put me up there with the truly eccentric authors. I haven't really found one yet. I haven't even found a "fashionable vice" (future blog post about fashionable vices in writing is in the works) to use while I am writing. I don't smoke, drink alcohol to excess, or any other thing that is truly a dangerous vice. I mean, I eat chocolate, but who can resist? In fact, I have tried to incorporate chocolate into my writing ritual, but it doesn't stick around for long. I am usually too distracted to eat when I am writing.

Coffee. That has been my only constant food-ish goodie that I keep at my keyboard side. I am probably tempting fate by keeping a beverage near my laptop (which is pretty much a desktop computer because it never leaves my desk), but I need to have my coffee.

Location. Ideally, I would have an office that had a door I could close, and all my cozy knick knacks and shelves overflowing with books. I like mojos. Photos, pictures, knickknacks. I think my muse is a latent packrat. At the moment I have my office corner in my bedroom and it is working out well even though it doesn't have a door, it is still *my* space for the most part.

So, pens, pencils, coffee, mojos and location seem to be my elements for writing...OH! And music. How could I forget music!? Usually my characters have their own soundtracks. And of course, my overall story has one as well, but it is usually driven by my characters' music, and they all have their own favorites. I find myself listening to music I never thought I would like just to appease my characters.

I think my rituals will be continuously evolving as I settle into my true dream career of writing. I wonder what will try to invite itself into my "office" next.