Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankful for Tweets

I broke down recently and started my Twitter account. One of my friends was nagging me to start using the Internet for my "platform". She said I needed to get myself out there. I left facebook because of the myraid of garbage that floats around on the surface there, and I had sworn I would never join Twitter. Going back on that vow has been the best thing I have done recently.

Twitter has become a fascinating network that a shy person like me never thought I would have. I don't *do* networking. I don't go out with the intent of finding other people that might advance my career. Well, I didn't. Twitter has solved that by giving me a launchpad. My fears of going out to meet actual people in the industry are dwindling.

I am not here to endorse Twitter, but I am grateful for what I have gotten from this networking tool in such a short time. I have been given doors to open for opportunities, and that is a very cherished thing.

Since I am giving acknowledgements, I must thank one of my favorite authors, Susanna Kearsley for not updating her webpage, and indirectly leading me down the Twitter path. Not only did she show me the world of tweets and follows, but by having a list of her favorite books on her website, she helped me get out of a deep writing rut. I am now the proud owner of most of Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason books, and I can't wait to add Ms. Kearsley's new book to my shelf. Reading feeds my muse, and I hope my writing will be better for it.

So, on this gloomy November day, in the month of thankfulness, I am thankful for Twitter, and my favorite author(s), and for this blossoming network I am gaining. Exploring new worlds in all forms is one of the best things a writer can do, and I am certainly glad I decided to explore the world of tweets, hashtags (which just sounds rough), and follows. It might just get me published. ;)