Friday, November 23, 2012

Impulse vs. Priorities

or Black Friday Blues

I am frustrated today. No better place to blab about this than on my blog, right? Time to tell the world my emotions instead of keeping them locked inside.

Right now, my Bibliophile persona is showing a very grumpy face to me right now. It (she?) wants books. . Muse is also bugging me. I don't have shoulder angels. I have Muse and Bibliophile. One wants books and the other wants me to write. They are both getting shafted today.

I want to buy every book on my TBR list and devour them while curled up in a corner with no interruptions

I can't buy them all though. I can't afford to buy them all. I am not complaining about the price of books. I think books should make their authors money so that we can all keep enjoying them, and so we can keep writing them. I am complaining about the fact that I apparently have no sense of budget or priorities. Hard to buy books to read and review when I've already blown my budget.

I wish my priorities would present themselves in the proper order so I could still be impulsive, but in a practical way.

I, I, I, - It's apparently all about me. ;)

So today I am sacrificing a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad and laptop (even though I could really use it to get my writing done) because I just had to purchase something else earlier, instead.
And I have to sacrifice books today (and for awhile.) Gosh, I am grumpy today. (*sigh*)

Do you ever act impulsively and buy the things that cheer you up, or that you really want instead of what you should be purchasing like new tires or socks? Do you have expensive taste like me? Please chat in comments. I am feeling chatty.

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