Monday, December 10, 2012

Be Kind, Find Peace and Give Love

taking a pledge

 Last night in a haze of "should be sleeping", I decided to join this pledge thing.
I signed up after reading all of the "requirements" and I do agree with all of the convictions listed. However, there was one inference that I realized after I signed up. It was the fact that I was a "Mommy Blogger". Now, I have nothing whatsoever against "Mommy Bloggers." I think they probably get a bad wrap in the blogosphere. I just don't want my blog to become first and foremost a Mommy Blog.

As a "promise" sort of thing to the pledge that I ever serious you want to look at the pledge...I am supposed to blog what the pledge means to me. I am going to be brief. The pledge means that I agree with the importance of community, and I support other moms in everything they are trying to do. Being a mom is hard. It's a 24/7 job, and you're always on call. Moms need other moms.

This blog of mine is my sort of selfish blog. It's my place to put up whatever I want. It's primarily where I am going to talk about my journey as a writer, but I can talk about anything, even if it's family, moms, or in support of moms. I suspect as readers you already know that.

Still the pledge is worth a read. The link for it is from the badge on my right -> sidebar. It's got worthy reminders for women and men alike, and that's why I signed up. After all, the tag line on my blog is Be Kind, Find Peace and Give Love.

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