Sunday, December 9, 2012

Merry Maintenance

or blogging with stream of consciousness as I think out loud and beg a little

Good Morning ...ok, well, it's afternoon and I slept in,, an hour ago...soooo sleepy. However, I'm trying to start in on my blog maintenance for the week, and beyond. And right now it involves subjecting readers to my brainstorming. Lucky Readers! *hugs*

I tried experimenting with all kinds of blogs as you can see with my 4 currently active blogs. The big news is that I have decided to take down my NaNoWriMoWhoas blog and move the content over here to my main site. So, the next few posts will be historical and labeled as NaNoWriMoWhoas. Unfortunately, that means I won't be able to do my co-written story idea at the moment. I can always start another one later. For right now, I think most of the authors I know have enough to do.

Anyway, after a dose of my new favorite coffee drink that J Elizabeth Hill got me addicted to, I will be moving and shaking up my blog stuff. Check out J Elizabeth's new release: Bound. 1st Chapter Sample can be found Here. You know you can't resist that inherent curiosity trait of yours. ;)

I am still keeping my crochet blog, Sisu Strings. I've got 8 tiny reindeer Sisu Jellies to make for there. ;)

Here comes the wee bit of begging:
I am not sure about my book review blog. I am pretty insecure about it, actually.  I like the format of having an all book blog, but I like to read for pleasure, and reviewing is feeling a little bit too much like work. So, I might remodel the site into something like a promo site with occasional reviews, or something.

What I would really like is to get some guest bloggers on there. Anyone interested? Please? With all holiday goodies and treats on top? Anyone want to review a book on Sunday Book Brunch? Leave a comment below if you're interested. You'll get a permanent icon/photo badge, like mine, linked to your own bio, and any other personal sites linked in the side bar.

I'd like to give author access to reviewers who are interested. That way you can post a constructive, no spoiler review on any Sunday of the month. Only rules I can think of would be No Spoilers, and tweeting/sharing the post so that both the blog and the books get promoted, and only posting on a Sunday. Please leave a comment below and discussion can move forward from there. Thanks!

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