Sunday, December 9, 2012

(NaNoWriMoWhoas) Home Stretch

*post relocation* From NaNoWriMoWhoas Nov. 27th Post

My sister skis the Birkebeiner Ski race every year in February up in Hayward, Wisconsin. I now have some idea of what she feels like doing such a long marathon. She skies around 56K for about 7 hours. I write 50K for a little less than a month.

I don't think either of us are any more exhausted than the other, and we still each have our own exercises to do to prepare.

I have a little over 3K to go for my word count, and it's the hardest 3K I think I have ever written. I've done all the tricks. Scene jumping, adding random scenes I know will be edited out, and other possibly less admirable shortcuts. And I can't come up with my last 3K.

Just like any marathon, I will push onward to the finish line, and I have to admit I am happy I am not physically running or skiing or swimming. If writing can make my muscles sore and me feel exhausted, I wouldn't even be able to move after a sports marathon.

How is every one else feeling on your home stretches? Remember, it's not the word count that matters, it's the fact that you're creating something full of awesome! Conversation is welcome in the comments below. I hope you will stop by! :)

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