Saturday, December 15, 2012

Realization About Reading

0r where I preach to the choir, a little

I was ruminating while in the shower today, and came to a realization as often occurs to people who think in the shower. I realized why eBooks are good things. I still favor the turn of a paper page, but eBooks are another way to READ.
In a society that is evolving into a digital realm, where we are all communicating with words via screens, especially our children... we need to promote more reading for these devices! 

Promoting literacy needs to ramp up and include showing kids that books are on those screens too. I think this is already going on, but I know I still have a hesitancy toward showing my kids how to read on a screen. I would rather show my 3yo how to read a paper book first. That's what I do too. I know there are all the Leapfrog® type things that have been around for ages, but I believe reading out loud, without having to jab at a word with a stylus, is still the best way to learn reading.

However, older kids, who have devices to use apps, and play games, and post pictures...they should be encouraged to read on those devices. READ. Texting is one thing, and it's kind of nice that people are using typed words more to communicate. However, the fact that we are using words more is why the abbreviations in texting, and the count limitations of words in social media sites bug me. I get it, I know why the limits are out there, but they still bug me.

People are starting to name their children with social media vocabulary. Really? People are also starting to speak in these new made up "words." *shakes head* My dear daughter just told me today that she sometimes says LOL - says it - instead of actually laughing out loud! Fortunately, she also said this drives her nuts, but it's a prime example of what's going on.

Let's not destroy language (especially English) entirely, people. I agree that evolution of language is a good thing, but speaking in abbreviations lacks emotion. I hope it isn't going to become professionally acceptable someday. I hope that eBooks will preserve the language, and I hope that kids will read them and know there is more to "texting".

I guess what I am trying to say is Promote the Hell out of READING! Any form of reading is good! Except maybe reading hate...but that's morality vs. literacy, and literacy is my point. Parents, take morality up with your kids in your own way, and teach them to read any format of book available!
What do you think? Will eBooks preserve languages? Can we preserve paper books or will they go the way of the LP record albums and become expensive collectors items? Can we promote the hell out of reading?


  1. I have to admit it, I've been won over to the e-reader side. So much harder to eat while trying to keep pages flat! People who read e-books read more -- so as long as kids are reading that's all that counts.

  2. I agree with you. I have been won over by ebooks because it is so much easier to read at night! That is what I love. I will always love my pages though, and would really like to see my future books in print format. I am too much of a bibliophile to give it up completely.